Consilience Learning



Design Thinking Workshop for Digital Green

Venue - Pushkar

Event Date -

Consilience facilitated a #DesignThinking workshop for the staff of Digital Green, a non-profit that brings together technology and social organisations, to work in the space of agriculture, health and nutrition. The workshop was focussed on engaging Digital Green staff to develop new and novel ideas and solutions to enable them to execute their three strategic Initiatives: Optimising Digital Green’s well-established agri-extension approach; expanding its value proposition for the farming communities the organisation works with; and integrating real-time, data-driven learning and iteration, with the design and implementation of Digital Green’s programmes.

After a two-day engagement, more than 70 Digital Green staff used Design Thinking to develop 21 initial prototypes, that would address challenges associated with its key strategic initiatives. Participant feedback around the workshop was overwhelmingly positive.