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Education2020 Conclave

Venue - Mumbai

Event Date -

The fourth Education 2020 Conclave, hosted by Consilience, opened with a presentation on Project Based Learning (#PBL) by Suzie Boss, prolific writer and global authority on the subject. Suzie took the participants – teachers and heads of schools across the country – through the hows and whys of a pedagogy that’s popular abroad, but still to find its way into most Indian schools. Among other exercises, Suzie gave the teachers a taste of PBL by dividing them into groups and having them create projects (and solutions) around some sociological, environment and ethical dilemmas.

Education 2020, held at ISDI Parsons Mumbai also had presentations by Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation, on their latest Climate Change Resources and Tools; by Leafbird Foundation, who talked about Echo, a way for students to reconnect with nature; and Snaptech who unveiled an app that keep parents abreast of their children’s school activities.

Suzie Boss’ Education 2020 presentation was just a ‘teaser’. The following day saw a much more comprehensive workshop on PBL with #educators. It was here that Suzie was able to expound, in greater detail, about the merits of — and possible hurdles to — incorporating PBL in schools. She addressed educators’ difficulties in making time for PBL, their problems of assessing varied and individual projects, and the importance of taking student inquiry forward while also giving children voice and choice in the projects. Suzie also had some words for how teachers can onboard reluctant school heads not entirely convinced about PBL. “Teachers should be the architects of PBL,” she said. They need to start looking at themselves that way too.

Sonal Alvares Bela Negi