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  • Mar 09
    Eudemonia International School Counseling Conference

    Eudaimonia is a counseling conference designed for international school counselors and support specialists. The goal of Eudaimonia is to promote student wellness, growth and achievement in our schools and communities.…

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  • Feb 21
    ASB Unplugged – Mumbai

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  • Jan 27
    Makeology – Zurich

    The Maker Summit is designed for international schools and educators seeking to create and develop effective Maker practices that cultivate interdisciplinary learning, contextualize STEM learning, and influence the future trajectories…

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  • Oct 27
    Innovation Leaders Academy – Frankfurt

    Innovation Leadership Certificate is a three-part training for international school educators who want to learn how to grow their innovation capacity through creating school innovations designed to meet the needs…

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  • Design Thinking Workshop for Digital Green

    Consilience facilitated a #DesignThinking workshop for the staff of Digital Green, a non-profit that brings together technology and social organisations, to work in the space of agriculture, health and nutrition.…

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  • April 7
    Education2020 Conclave

    The fourth Education 2020 Conclave, hosted by Consilience, opened with a presentation on Project Based Learning (#PBL) by Suzie Boss, prolific writer and global authority on the subject. Suzie took…

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  • Apr 14
    Future Forwards Summit

    The Future is Now The idea behind our two-day Future Forwards Summit in Dubai — with teachers and educators from the MENA region — was a simple one: To realise…

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  • OCT 27
    Maker Academy

    What’s the best way to ignite #innovative, out-of-the-box thinking with someone? Give her a problem that affects her deeply. At our recent Maker Academy with the teachers of Gandhi Bal…

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  • Mar 03
    Makeology Summit

    Learning to Make and Tinker Consilience’s Makeology Summit saw the coming together of over 100 curriculum leaders and classroom educators from schools all over India as well as abroad. Over…

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  • May 26
    INTEGRATE – Tech Integration Summit

    Join a global community of educators at Integrate, our Tech Integration Summit. Enhance your educational technology strategies. Bring creativity and engagement to your classroom. Transform teaching and learning. Learn from experts…

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  • May 22
    Creative Leadership Certificate

    Innovation Leadership Academy offers a four day Certificate for school leaders in India who want to learn how to grow their innovation capacity through creating school innovations designed to meet…

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  • May 02
    Innovative Teacher Certificate

    The Innovative Teacher Certificate is a four-day professional learning program for teacher leaders in India who ant to learn how to grow their innovation capacity to meet the needs of…

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  • Apr 14
    FUTURE FORWARDS SUMMIT – DUBAI : Realizing the Promise of Learning Analytics, Maker Learning, and Games-Based Learning

    Join us for 2 days to realize the potential of Learning Analytics, Maker Learning, and Game based learning for your students. Learning Analytics As technology rapidly accelerates, Learning Analytics and…

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  • Apr 08
    Project-Based Learning Workshop

    Project-based learning has the potential to lead to deeper learning, increased student engagement, and greater teacher satisfaction. But not all projects achieve the same results. This hands-on workshop will help you plan…

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  • Apr 07
    4th Education 2020 Conclave

    Education 2020 brings you the best practices in the field of learning and teaching from across the globe, that are adaptable and scalable, and inspire and empower students. The Conclaves bring together school leaders – from Mumbai’s schools —…

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  • Mar 16
    Consilience Workshop – Learning By Design

    Consilience will provide a 3-hour workshop at the Learning By Design Conference in Brussels, Belgium on the pedagogy, practices and impacts that can be realized when student learn through Making…

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  • Feb 23
    GSES Summit

    Using the design thinking process, students will work in groups to create proposals for a social enterprise aimed at solving a need in their local community. Participants will envision a…

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  • Feb 06
    Consilience Workshops – 51st AAIE Conference

    Consilience will present two workshops at the 51st AAIE Conference. The workshops are on accelerating effective change in schools and developing future trends literacy to create and lead future informed…

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  • Jan 21
    Digital Citizenship Certificate

    Why Digital Citizenship ? Digital Citizenship is a way of life in today’s digital society. Living and working in any society comes with both rights and responsibilities. It is not…

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  • Jan 02
    Maker Academy – Heritage Schools

    This Maker Academy is for the educators at Heritage Schools to learn how to establish Making and Tinkering as a powerful philosophy, pedagogy and practice in their classrooms and schools.

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  • Dec 26
    TRAIx Bootcamps

    TRAIx Bootcamps are designed for students to learn the basics of emerging technologies. Each Bootcamp covers a single technology. Students explore: • a variety of resources with each technology •…

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  • Dec 03
    WISE Summit

    WISE stands for Women in Science and Engineering. It is a summit organized by Consilience in Mumbai on 3rd and 4th of December 2016. This summit aims at bringing together Girls from…

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  • Oct 21
    Technology Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Summit @ R N Podar, CBSE board

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  • Nov 17
    Technology Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Summit (TRAI Summit)

    Technology, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Summits (TRAI Summits) engage students in an interdisciplinary design thinking process to create solutions using Robotics, Automation, the Internet of Things, and Wearable Technology. Participants…

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  • Aug 20

    This workshop will raise your awareness about the issues surrounding safety when using the Internet. Mario Fishery, American School of Bombay’s Director of Tech Support, will share strategies that will help use…

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  • Aug 20

    Maker Academy – Enhance and develop your skills with capacities in Making and Tinkering. Schools need more learning by doing, making, tinkering, inventing, and engineering. The term ‘Maker’ refers to…

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  • Aug 06
    Project-Based Learning Workshop – Suzie Boss

    “Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning important knowledge and 21st Century skills through an extended, student – influenced inquiry process structured around complex,…

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  • Jul 16

    The workshop will provide participants with hands-on experience in generating ideas and quickly developing prototypes. Learn how using these technologies can help to engage more students in science, math, and…

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  • Oct 07
    EDUCATION 2020

    Our second Education 2020 forum will take place on October 7 from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm at the JW Marriott Hotel. Agenda : Introduction to Concept Based Education The…

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  • May 21
    Creative Coding and Arduino Programming with Microcontrollers

    This 6.5-hour workshop is intended for educators familiar with the basics of programming. It exposes participants to coding using Processing, Arduino programming, and hands-on integration of technology in the classroom.…

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  • May 27
    Technology Integration Workshop – Advanced

    Description: Workshop designed for advanced understanding of the following strands: Session 1: Preparing Learners for Today and Tomorrow – Session participants will explore the technology standards created by the International Society for Education…

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  • May 07
    Tech Integration Workshop

    Description: Workshop designed for an introductory overview of the following strands:- Navigating the Information Highway Educational Resources Building an online classroom Purpose driven technology integration through backwards planning Preparing Learners…

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  • Mar 29
    Wearable Tech and Arduino Programming – Workshop for Educators

    This 2-day workshop is intended for participants familiar with the basics of coding and/or microcontrollers. It exposes participants to Arduino programming and hands-on integration of technology with solutions to real…

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