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Learning through Making has the power to revolutionize education by empowering students to see themselves in the role of creators as opposed to only consumers. To truly impact student learning, Making and Tinkering should not be confined to just the makerspace, the classroom, or afterschool activities. To truly transform education, one needs not only build a makerspace but build and sustain a culture of creative expertise, inventive thinking, and effective problem solving. As the Internet of Things extends our human capacity to remake and reconceptualize our environments and how we interact with them, learning and thinking like a Maker become increasingly relevant and valuable. Schools need to build a Maker Culture.
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  • Accelerating a Maker Culture – we support schools to strategically plan to create a successful maker culture.
  • Prototyping – we support schools to learn from Making and Tinkering with prototypes.
  • Professional Development – we provide professional development that supports learning and thinking through Making.
  • Materials & Events – we provide professional development that enables schools to source and manage materials as well as plan successful Maker events.
  • Makerspace – we identify locations, design and construct makerspaces personalized to schools.
  • Student Programs – we provide and facilitate Making programs for schools to offer their students.

Curriculum Integration

  • STEM and STEAM – we provide support and guidance for leveraging Making for enhancing STEM and STEAM learning.
  • Programming – we provide support and guidance for bringing Making and programming into the classroom.
  • Self-Directed Learning – we have created practices that can be adapted to support self-directed learning through Making.
  • Real-World Application and Entrepreneurship – we provide support for schools to enable students to use Making and Entrepreneurship to solve real-world problems.


We support schools to assess:

  • Student Learning during making
  • Student Growth and development
  • Professional Development needs and planning
  • School impact of a Making culture


Below are examples of some of the schools we support through our Maker Culture programs. Click on the school logo for more information.

  • minor-hall
  • american-school
  • the-haritage-school


The Maker Educator Certificate is for classroom teachers, science teachers, learning specialists and school leaders who want to learn how to establish Making and Tinkering as a powerful philosophy, pedagodgy and practice in their classrooms and schools. Read More

Manor Hall International School

Manor Hall has trained a large group of their teachers to effectively use Making and Tinkering in their school. In addition, we have hosted a Technology, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Summit for their students. They used some of their learnings from our professional development and TRAI as inspiration to create Innovation Day.

American School of Bombay

We have supported the American School of Bombay’s Maker Culture, by designing and building makerspaces in the elementary, middle, and high school divisions. In addition, we have hosted the TRAI Summit, Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit, Women in Science and Engineering Summit, We are partners in hosting ASB Un-Plugged, a conference devoted to impactful professional development to transform teaching and learning.

In addition, we’ve developed student programs including clubs, high school electives, Maker Saturday, and Project-Based Learning / Making cross-over programs.

The Heritage School, Gurgaon

The Heritage School has trained many of their teachers in effectively using Making and Tinkering in their schools. In addition, they are planning to host all of our student programs for their students. They plan on integrating Making and Tinkering into their already impressive experiential learning opportunities.