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Future Forwards Summit

Venue - Dubai

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The Future is Now

The idea behind our two-day Future Forwards Summit in Dubai — with teachers and educators from the MENA region — was a simple one: To realise the promise of #LearningAnalytics and #Maker Learning. These powerful #pedagogies are revolutionizing #education, and are the pillars on which forward-looking classrooms will stand.

As #technology accelerates the capacity for all things #data, schools and educators have an obligation to leverage the power of Learning Analytics to inform teaching and learning success. Learning Analytics and Data visualizations provide powerful new tools that bring data together to inform teaching and learning, and drive student success. At our Future Forwards Summit, our Learning Analytics sessions were led by Tim Degner and Sujoy Chaudhuri.

#Making and Tinkering is a powerful form of learning where students construct their own knowledge through hands-on thinking, making and doing. A Making and Tinkering mindset values playfulness and experimentation, iteration, collaboration and community engagement as ways of learning growing and connecting. The Maker sessions were led by Kristopher ‘Linus’ Velez, Alyson Zepeda and Ryan McDermott. Indeed, educators who do not keep abreast of these invaluable kinds of learning – and pass them onto students – might find themselves at a disadvantage in the very near future.

#FFDXB17 at Towers Rotana, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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