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Makeology Summit

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Learning to Make and Tinker

Consilience’s Makeology Summit saw the coming together of over 100 curriculum leaders and classroom educators from schools all over India as well as abroad. Over two days, the attendees participated in four learning‘Institutes’: Making in the Classroom, Programming, Design Thinking, and Wearable Technology. These were led, respectively, by globally-renowned domain experts like Jaymes Dec, Kristopher ‘Linus’ Velez, Scot Hoffman, Ryan McDermott and Alyson Zepeda. James was also the keynote speaker, along with Saba Ghole.

The Summit hoped to facilitate hands-on learning for educators, who will take some (or all) of this pedagogy and processes back to their classrooms and incorporate it in their teaching. Making and Tinkering is a powerful kind of learning experience that enables students to take charge of their own learning through thinking, making and doing. But few schools, certainly in India, are anywhere near incorporating this in the classroom. Making, and the mindset it fosters – which values experimentation, iteration, collaboration and community engagement as ways of learninggrowing and connecting – could arguably be considered must-have 21st century skills for tomorrow’s leaders, who are students today.