Consilience Learning



Project-Based Learning Workshop

Venue - American School of Bombay

Event Date -
Project-based learning has the potential to lead to deeper learning, increased student engagement, and greater teacher satisfaction. But not all projects achieve the same results. This hands-on workshop will help you plan for high-quality PBL.  The workshop is appropriate for teachers (elementary through secondary) as well as school leaders and instructional coaches.
Participants will come away with:
  • Increased confidence in designing high-quality PBL
  • Collaborative approach to project planning
  • Understanding the difference between projects and project-based learning
  • Strategies for managing and assessing student-driven learning to encourage deep inquiry
  • Ideas for extending learning beyond the classroom and tackling real-world challenges
  • Understanding how research supports PBL
The workshop will also address common challenges to PBL implementation and help participants build buy in for PBL among teachers, students, parents, and the broader community.

Workshop Leader : Suzie Boss

Suzie Boss has written several popular books about project-based learning and innovation in education. She consults with schools around the world that are shifting from traditional instruction to more student-driven learning that prepares learners for success in college, careers, and citizenship. She is a regular contributor to Edutopia and a member of the National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education in the U.S.