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Conferences, Summits, and Workshops with clear purposes and proven expertise equip educators to envision, plan, and create changes their schools and their students need. With over 12 years experience creating and hosting successful Conferences, Summits, and Workshops, Consilience brings together change-leading experts and educators for Conferences Summits and Workshops that deliver maximum impact.


Consilience Conferences bring leading experts and practitioners together for engaging, relevant professional learning. Consilience is committed to providing conferences that meet the needs of schools and educators, at a cost that allows them to send larger cohorts to share, learn, and create maximum learning impacts for their students.


Quality Summits bring together proven experts and educators to create the future through promising new practices, pedagogies, and research. Our Summits support educators to create immediate and lasting changes. Here are a few of our current Summits:


Future Forwards Summits support educators to create the future of education through focused professional learning in promising new & emerging practices, research, and pedagogies. The Summits equip participants with the knowledge and expertise to create the future at their schools.


The Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit (GSES) is a student-led summit that provides students around the world with an opportunity to gather and design business models that meet pressing challenges facing our society. During this three-day summit, students learn through experience about how to merge their passions for change with design thinking and social entrepreneurship to create a social enterprise to change their world. To find out more, visit the website


Technology, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Summits (TRAI Summits) engage students in an interdisciplinary design thinking process to create solutions using Robotics, Automation, the Internet of Things, and Wearable Technology. Participants address complex problems, in an intense environment, through rigorous brainstorming, collaborative iterating and designing, and experimental methodologies. Participants will employ and develop vital communication and collaborative problem-solving skills, and learn cutting edge technical skills required to succeed in a project-based environment. To learn more about TRAI Summits, visit the website


Lasting change is change that is spread successfully throughout an organization. Our workshops are based on successful research, development, and implementation in real settings. Consilience offers a wide slate of workshops in the following areas:

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation/Change Management
  • Learning Through Making
  • Technology Integration
  • Social Entrepreneurship

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