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Cross-School Prototyping

Cross-School Prototyping is networked prototyping amongst schools. Participating schools lead the prototype in their schools, use common measures to gather and share common data, and accumulate, and share practices. Consilience provides:

  • Templates, common measures, and tools for prototyping
  • Data collection, visualization, analysis, and reporting
  • A collection of best practices available to member schools.

Current Prototypes:

Assessing Maker – The Assessing Maker Prototype is designed to meet the challenge of assessing and articulating student learning through Making where students investigate, inquire, and decide how to recombine information and materials to make something new.

Curiosity Projects – The Curiosity Projects Prototype is designed to support schools and teachers to implement Curiosity Projects and measure their impact. Curiosity Projects are structured adaptable units of study that enable K-12 students to learn how to learn by emulating curious learners to initiate and pursue their learning.

Mobile Learning – The Mobile Learning Prototype is designed to understand how mobile devices might impact student learning and teacher performance. Prototypers share about how they use mobile devices to learn and work using Consilience’s Learning Analytics Platform.

Day X – The Day X Prototype, Based on successful elementary school and middle school prototypes. Designed to support leading educators to ask, “What if we created a new day of learning in our school?” and then set out to create a new day to impact students. The aim of the prototype is to meet student needs and shift status quo thinking about what is possible in schools.

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