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Technology Coaching Workshop @ CDLT Amsterdam

Venue - Centre for Development, Learning, and Technology - Amsterdam

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This workshop is designed for teachers to learn about technology, coaching and adult learning and how these can lead to school-wide change. In many schools, technology integration coaches are seen as leaders, and can contribute to school-wide initiatives and assist teachers in implementing them. Technology integration coaches work with individuals and teams to design and facilitate appropriate learning experiences using technology, and provide feedback and support to teachers.

Coaching differs from many other forms of PD as it is ongoing and brings about the following changes:

  • Teachers are more reflective about their practice;
  • Coaching is an effective form of professional learning because implementation of new learning is high;
  • Coaching leads to greater efficacy among teachers;
  • Teachers are more satisfied with their work as they benefit both professionally and personally from the coaching.

Workshop Goals and Objectives

Following this workshop, coaches will be able to take on many roles, for example, assisting teachers to examine student projects in order to design instruction and to make curricular decisions; sharing knowledge about the digital tools and resources that are available for teachers and students to use; and working alongside a teacher to model effective teaching and/or observing and giving feedback.

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