Consilience Learning



Technology Integration Workshop – Advanced

Venue - Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI), One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2A - 4th Floor, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Event Date -

Description: Workshop designed for advanced understanding of the following strands:

Session 1: Preparing Learners for Today and Tomorrow –

Session participants will explore the technology standards created by the International Society for Education Technology. Frameworks for quality of technology integration will also be introduced and compared, such as SAMR, TPACK and TRUDACOT. Student samples of work will be shared and analysed for quality of learning using Bloom’s Taxonomy and the ISTE Standards for students.

Session 2 – Advanced Searching and Finding

Session participants will explore advanced strategies for searching and finding resources and information online. Additionally, we will create and share content that is organized effectively and that can be found easily on the Internet.

Session 3 – Backwards Design Unit Planning – Formative and Summative Assessment

Session participants will deconstruct several unit plan exemplars for quality of technology integration using a variety of approaches, including SAMR, TPACK and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Participants will then create their own unit plan that contains formative and summative assessment. Tools to support these types of assessment will be shared.

Session 4 – Designing for Learning – Tech Integration for Teacher Instruction and Student Learning

Instructional strategies for teaching and appropriate technology integration tools will be shared to facilitate classroom organization, instruction of course content and practicing and deepening knowledge. Session participants will examine a research-based matrix of instructional practices and samples of student learning artefacts.